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Upcoming dates February 28 -april 12, 2022


What are the values of the Galilea Fellowship?

History, ideology and theology are important. But understanding Israel and Jewish-Christian relations needs more than just ideas and issues: it’s about getting to know people and understand their stories. Meeting other people eye to eye. Listening, not just to polished speakers but to the fruit seller and the barber and the high school girl. Locality matters: that’s why we’re centered in one region. Individuals matter: that’s why we’re focused on seeking people out and listening. Relationships matter: that’s why we invite fellows to cross the road with us and meet folks on the other side. 

Is there a political agenda to the Galilea Fellowship?

The agenda is to open young Christian adults to a broader and deeper engagement with Israel and its peoples, in all its beauty and complexity.

What is the schedule like? 

The weekly schedule is a combination of service days in schools, study days, and Galilee field days. There are also regular Hebrew classes and evening guest lectures. The schedule is designed to be pretty full so that you can take full advantage of your time here.

What are Galilea field days? 

Galilea field days include different activities including archaeological digs, and hikes throughout the hidden, picturesque and meaningful parts of Israel following our guide and land of Israel instructor, Michael Even-Esh.  

What is the service element of Galilea? 

Fellows volunteer in the Arab-Christian and Jewish schools in the Galilee assisting English teachers in those schools with English instruction. No training or certification in English teaching is required. The primary role of fellows is to provide native English assistance with spoken language practice for the students. This assistance is vital to the teachers and the students of the under-served periphery and an exciting opportunity for cultural exchange and bridge-building.


What does the academic program look like? 

Dr. Faydra Shapiro gives an academic course about the issues and developments in Jewish-Christian relations, with weekly readings and writing assignments. Modern Hebrew is taught by Mrs. Beverly Aron. There are guest lecturers each week that teach about modern Israeli history, society, politics and more.


Do fellows get free time to explore? 

Absolutely. Free days are incorporated into Galilea for fellows to have the chance to rest, travel, and explore. We also strive to make sure that there is at least one long weekend so that you can venture a little further in Israel without rushing. Please note that Fellows may not leave the country for the duration of the program.


Where is it? 

The program takes place predominantly in the towns of Nazareth and Tiberias, but includes exploration, hiking and travel throughout northern Israel or the region known as the Galilee.


How much does it cost?

The program fee is $2500, which includes housing and program-related travel within Israel for the entire three months. Galilea Fellows are responsible for their own groceries, cell phone plan and weekend travel during the program.


Where do Fellows live? 

Galilea fellows live in Tiberias and Nazareth. The housing provided is fully furnished with wifi and utilities included and is equipped with a washer and dryer, a/c, and fully functional kitchens for preparing meals. 


What Makes a Great Galilea Fellow?

The best Galilea fellows are people who are ready to serve, listen, and grow. Having healthy curiosity, flexibility, reliability, and an eagerness to learn are all surefire ways to enjoy yourself and to be most effective in this exciting and complex place.   


How old do you have to be?

The Galilea Fellowship is open to any native English-speaking Christian aged 20-30 who has been on a Passages Israel trip as a participant. 


Is the Galilea Fellowship open to different kinds of Christians?

Absolutely! We have loved having fellows join us who were Evangelical, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, and more. So long as you have an active Christian belief and life, you are welcome to join us. 

What is Christian life like on the program?

Your Christian faith, and spiritual formation are essential parts of your time with Galilea. Our staff prioritize facilitating fellows’ connections with local churches, and coordinating weekly Bible study and Christian fellowship. 


What is the application process like? 

Once you submit your application you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview. Following that interview, conditional acceptance will be given to our most outstanding applicants, who will then be required to submit a signed memo of understanding, a signed medical form, and a clear police background check. After you pay your tuition, you will receive your formal acceptance and travel instructions.


How long has the Galilea Fellowship been running?

We have been operating happily in the Galilee since 2017. 


Who are your partners?

We are proudly partnered with Passages Israel. ​

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