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Galilea fellowship

The Galilea Fellowship is an educational, experiential and service-oriented opportunity for young Christians in Israel that is authentic, embedded and balanced.





Galilea serves in the Arab-Christian and Jewish schools throughout the Galilee. Our fellows mobilize their skills as native English speakers to serve as active and engaging conversational resources for students to practice their spoken English. This is a chance to give something back to the people of Israel and learn about communities from the inside.

Galilea builds bridges for Jews and Christians to walk and create a new history together. Our program of study enables fellows to understand the history and challenges of the divides that exist between cultures, languages, and religions in northern Israel. By working and living in Jewish and Arab-Christian  communities our fellows are able to cross those divides and ultimately be bridges themselves.

Galilea offers abundant learning opportunities. Fellows experience ancient and modern Israel on their feet hiking through the Galilee with our Land of Israel specialist, and learn about life in northern Israel from diverse speakers. In addition to informal education, Galilea presents an academic course of lectures, readings and discussions with weekly guest lectures from experts in Jewish-Christian relations. There are conversational Hebrew classes twice a week. 

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