Education & Outreach

Our fellows help transform English learning in the schools in Northern Israel simply by mobilizing their native English skills in the classroom. 

The fellows study modern Hebrew, and Jewish-Christian Relations, and engage with local Israelis on a day-to-day level. ​

Community Development

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this program is the benefit that it has on the local communities in Israel. Our fellows' passion for and service to the peoples of Israel invigorate the communities around them and create moments of connection for both local Christians and Jews.


Formerly known as the "Israel Engagement Program," the Galilea Fellowship is a dynamic program that has developed out of the work of the Israel Center for Jewish-Christian Relations and its partners to build a balanced educational experience involving both community service and study in the region of the Galilee.


The Galilea Fellowship is a three month work study in Northern Israel dedicated to education and understanding. There are three components to the program including teaching, exploration, and study.



Three days a week fellows serve in the Arab-Christian and Jewish schools throughout the Galilee, volunteering their skills as native English Speakers to the English programs at the local schools. Fellows do not need any formal teaching certificate or training in English-Second-Language education they simply serve as conversational resources for local students to practice English live in dialogue with our fellows.


Once a week, fellows get to tour the country with our land of Israel specialist, Michael (See more on our "Meet the Team" page) where they hike through the region and learn about both ancient and modern Israel. Fellows will also occasionally volunteer their time (and energy!) on archaeological projects in the region. In their free time fellows are permitted and encouraged to explore Israel on their own whenever possible.


Beyond volunteer work and exploration there is a formal academic component to the fellowship including lectures and assignments in Jewish-Christian Relations with our founder and Chief Academic Staff Dr. Faydra Shapiro. This course also includes presentations from expert guest lecturers in the field of Jewish-Christian relations in Israel. 
Fellows will also take part in an introduction to modern Hebrew course taught by Beverly Aron.

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Our Galilea Fellows working in partnership with the Beautiful Land Initiative to serve the community of Tiberias Israel

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