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"The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable" (Rom 11:29)

"The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable" (Rom 11:29) A Reflection on Theological Questions Pertaining  to Catholic–Jewish Relations on the Occasion of the  50th Anniversary of "Nostra Aetate" (no.4)

Dabru Emet

Dabru Emet (Heb. דברו אמת "Speak [the] Truth") is a document concerning the relationship between Christianity and Judaism. It was signed by over 220 rabbis and intellectuals from all branches of Judaism, as individuals and not as representing any organization or stream of Judaism. Dabru Emet was first published on September 10, 2000, in the New York Times.

Nostra Aetate

Nostra aetate (Latin: In our Time) is the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions of the Second Vatican Council. Passed by a vote of 2,221 to 88 of the assembled bishops, this declaration was promulgated on October 28, 1965, by Pope Paul VI.


Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik was one of the greatest luminaries of 20th century Orthodox Judaism. Here he tackles the issue of Jewish-Christian relations. Originally published in Tradition: A Journal of Orthodox Thought volume 6, #2 (1964). 

A Sacred Obligation

An ecumenical exploration of the relationship between Christians and Jews (2002). 

To Do the Will of Our Father in Heaven

"After nearly two millennia of mutual hostility and alienation, we Orthodox Rabbis who lead communities, institutions and seminaries in Israel, the United States and Europe recognize the historic opportunity now before us. We seek to do the will of our Father in Heaven by accepting the hand offered to us by our Christian brothers and sisters. Jews and Christians must work together as partners to address the moral challenges of our era."  An Orthodox Rabbinic statement on Christianity (2015) 

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