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Our academic staff have extensive experience teaching classes, giving talks and engaging audiences about Israel, the Bible and Jewish-Christian relations. We have taught thousands of American students visiting Israel, Jewish and Christian travelers and clergy.  


Group sessions can be arranged at your hotel and at select tourist sites around the Galilee and Jerusalem.


Our staff regularly teach Jewish and Christian audiences in Israel and abroad, and would be delighted to speak on any of the following topics, and more.



  • Rabbinic Judaism in the New Testament 

  • Early Jewish Followers of Jesus and Torah

  • A New Testament God of Love? Love in the Hebrew Bible

  • Hebraisms in the New Testament

  • Ruth and Naaman: Two Paths to Israel’s God

  • Reading Jewish/Reading Christian? Isaiah 53

  • Eating with Gentiles: Tensions Over Defilement

Jewish-Christian Relations

  • Anti-Christian Polemics in Rabbinic Texts 

  • Israel's Feasts as Place of Jewish-Christian Connection and Separation

  • Jewish-Christian Relations: Where we have Been, Where are we Now, and How to Move Forward? 

  • The Hebraic Home: Resources for Christian Families

  • How Jews and Christians Misunderstand Each Other And Why it Matters

  • What’s a Nice Jew Like You Doing At Church? Tales from the Jewish-Christian Border

  • How Jews Understand Christian Support for Israel

  • Jewish and Christian Family Values

  • Jewish Shabbat/Christian Sabbath: What can we Learn? 



  • Christian Anti-Zionism: Its Roots and its Threat

  • Aliyah to Israel, and the role of the Nations in Helping the Jews Home

  • Christian Communities in Israel Today

  • Zionist History and Thought 

  • Trends within Religious Zionism


Contact us to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about our academic programs, or if you would like to schedule a group session please feel free to contact us!

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