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Here at Israel Center for Jewish-Christian Relations, we specialize in education and dialogue. The core of our efforts is to promote mutual understanding between both faiths here in Israel and abroad, and to educate outsiders on the beauties and complexities that this relationship inspires on a daily basis. 


After many years of involvement in Jewish-Christian relations, Dr. Faydra Shapiro realized that her frustration demanded less complaining and more action. That day, the Israel Center for Jewish-Christian Relations was born. We are a registered Israeli non-profit organization (amuta #580641660) based on the conviction that:

Jews and Christians have much to teach each other. Authentic engagement cannot be achieved with just Jews – or just Christians – doing the teaching. We have Jews and Christians teaching Jews and Christians.

Israel needs to be approached as a real context for modern Jewish-Christian relations, not just as a historical place or abstract theological issue. Some organizations forget that there are Christians in Israel; we exist because there are. 

You don’t have to vote any particular way to participate in Jewish-Christian relations. Some visions of Jewish-Christian engagement are connected to partisan politics. We are not. If we can disagree about faith issues, we can probably disagree about politics too.

Jewish-Christian relations must engage different denominations and movements within Judaism and Christianity. Some organizations work only with mainline Protestants. Or only with Orthodox Jews. Or only with Evangelicals. We work comfortably with all kinds of Jews and all kinds of Christians.


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